Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar to Get Sparkling Smile & Sound Oral Health

Our oral health has a deep connection with overall health. How well we take care of our teeth and gums has a huge impact on our physical health. Poor oral health leads to several heart problems and even pregnancy complications in women. Improving health of teeth can help in reducing the risk. Neglecting this does not only leads to sore teeth and bad breath but it acts as a door to severe health problems. To remain healthy one should visit best dentist in Ashok Vihar regularly to head off any problems early.

A bright and white smile can make you appear younger and look more attractive. Diet and lifestyle also plays a major role in oral hygiene. By following some simple steps one can have a beautiful smile –
  • Regular brushing –
Brushing is a foundation of dental hygiene. It removes food particles, cleans teeth and freshens breath as well. Brush for at least two minutes allowing the toothbrush to do its work.
  • Flossing –
Flossing in between the teeth is a great way to remove bacteria out from there. Do it twice a day to prevent gum diseases.
  • Regular visit to a dentist –
Regular visits will help you to diagnose the problem at an early stage. It is wise to examine your mouth for signs of trouble such as sores, swollen gums, sensitive or bleeding gums etc.
  • Healthy diet –
Plenty of dairy and calcium rich products will help reducing dental problems. Calcium maintains strong teeth and vitamin in citrus fruits maintains gum health.
  • Avoid smoking –
Say no to smoking as it leads to gum diseases and increases a person’s risk for oral cancer including lip, tongue and gums.
  • Considering cosmetic procedures –
With great advancement in dentistry it has become easier to fix crooked teeth, oddly shaped teeth or missing teeth. Orthodontics can help in teeth straightening.
Choosing a dental clinic in Ashok Vihar, Delhi is however not an easy task. Good dentists have a way of letting their patients know that they care for them personally. They provide treatment based on a reasonable diagnosis and customized to your needs. Best dentist in Ashok Vihar will always give you the care that you deserve.

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