Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar to Get Sparkling Smile & Sound Oral Health

Our oral health has a deep connection with overall health. How well we take care of our teeth and gums has a huge impact on our physical health. Poor oral health leads to several heart problems and even pregnancy complications in women. Improving health of teeth can help in reducing the risk. Neglecting this does not only leads to sore teeth and bad breath but it acts as a door to severe health problems. To remain healthy one should visit best dentist in Ashok Vihar regularly to head off any problems early.

A bright and white smile can make you appear younger and look more attractive. Diet and lifestyle also plays a major role in oral hygiene. By following some simple steps one can have a beautiful smile –
  • Regular brushing –
Brushing is a foundation of dental hygiene. It removes food particles, cleans teeth and freshens breath as well. Brush for at least two minutes allowing the toothbrush to do its work.
  • Flossing –
Flossing in between the teeth is a great way to remove bacteria out from there. Do it twice a day to prevent gum diseases.
  • Regular visit to a dentist –
Regular visits will help you to diagnose the problem at an early stage. It is wise to examine your mouth for signs of trouble such as sores, swollen gums, sensitive or bleeding gums etc.
  • Healthy diet –
Plenty of dairy and calcium rich products will help reducing dental problems. Calcium maintains strong teeth and vitamin in citrus fruits maintains gum health.
  • Avoid smoking –
Say no to smoking as it leads to gum diseases and increases a person’s risk for oral cancer including lip, tongue and gums.
  • Considering cosmetic procedures –
With great advancement in dentistry it has become easier to fix crooked teeth, oddly shaped teeth or missing teeth. Orthodontics can help in teeth straightening.
Choosing a dental clinic in Ashok Vihar, Delhi is however not an easy task. Good dentists have a way of letting their patients know that they care for them personally. They provide treatment based on a reasonable diagnosis and customized to your needs. Best dentist in Ashok Vihar will always give you the care that you deserve.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar By Dr. Shweta Gupta

Dr. Shweta Gupta is consultant implantologist & dentist in Ashok Vihar, Model Town, Shakti Nagar, Kanhaiya Nagar, Keshav Puram & Shalimar Bagh, having the degree of B.D.S. She has also the certificate of P.G.D.H.H.M. She is having certificate of MS in Implantology from U.C.L.A. from USA. She practices at her clinic Delhi Dental Solutions which is one of the best dental clinic in Ashok Vihar with all ultra-modern equipment including OPG for full mouth x-ray.

As Dr. Gupta suggests, Dental Implants have several Types and Classification
Implant Dentistry is a boon for restoration of missing teeth for human beings. It overcomes several drawbacks of other orthodox methods of restoring old teeth for example like with the help of removable prosthesis and fixed prosthesis.

Basically, implantation can be defined as the insertion of any object or material into the human gums which is alloplastic in terms of its nature either partially or completely into the gums for therapeutic, experimental, diagnostic or prosthetic purposes.

Mr. Per Ingvar Branemark is hailed as the modern father of Implant Dentistry worldwide. His revolutionary technique of implantation has several advantages like:

-It overcomes the drawback of any removable prostheses which gives it durability
-Bone maintenance of height and width is taken care of
-Implants are ideally aesthetic tooth positioning which is an easy to carry out process for the patient
-It does not harm the psychological health of the patients rather it improves the psychological health of the patient.
-It very efficiently increases the stability of the jaw in chewing various types of foods.
-It is also very helpful in having increased and longer retention of the teeth.
-One important feature of an implant is it completely works without the requirement of an adjacent teeth for a support.

There are several types of Dental Implants which are as follows:
1) Designed on the basis of the design of the implant
2) Designed on the attachment mechanism
3) Formed as macroscopic body design
4) implants based on the surface of the material and
5) based upon the type of the material used

There are several classifications done on the basis of the implant design as well which include designs like Endosteal, Subperiosteal, Transosteal, Intramucosal, Root Form, Blade Form etc.

-Endosteal Implant Includes one device which would be located in the alveolar bone and the basal bone of the mandible or maxilla. One important factor is it transects only one coprtical plate.
-Blade Implant, as it suggested it consists of few thin plates in the formation of blades which are embedded into the jaw bone.
-Root form implant- One of the most common implants, it is designed to copy the shape of the teeth and it is also used for directional load distribution
-Subperiosteal Implants are directly placed under the periosteum overlying the bony cortex
-Transosteal implants are also known as staple bone implant along with mandibular staple implant and transmandibular implant. It combines the subperiosteal and endosteal components plus it penetrates both of the cortical plates
-Intramucosal Implants are inserted into the oral umcosa and the mucosa is used as an attachment site for the metal inserts in the jaw.

There are classification of the implants based on the macroscopic body design of the implant as well which are
a) Cylinder
b) Thread
c) Plateau
d) Perforated
e) Solid
f) Hollow or Solid      

There are several types of implants done on the basis of their surface as well; such as:
a) Smooth
b) Machined
c) Textured
d) Coated       

There are numerous types of the implant material nowadays which are available across markets such as:
1) Metallic Implants- Most popular material in use today is Titanium in this category though other metallic implants such as stainless steel, cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy and vitallium are also used for such purposes.
2) Ceramic & Ceramic Coated implants- These materials are often used to coat the metallic implants and such ceramics could either be plasma sprayed or coated to produce bio active surface. They are non-reactive ceramics materials are also available in the current market.
3) Polymeric Implant- In the form of polymethylmethacrylate & polytetrafluoroethylene and are used only in the roles of adjuncts stress distribution along with implants rather than their usage as implants itself.
4) Carbon Implants- These are made up of carbon with stainless steel contents

Disadvantages of having implants:
- These are pricey affairs for a common man
- It consumes good amount of time in several sessions
- They cannot be recommended for customers who do not have a history of quick recovery from health issues
- and last but not the least, it also depends upon a person's body adaptation of the bone tissue in order to have it successfully done on to them.

Dr. Shweta Gupta is an expert and one of the best-known names in Delhi/NCR in dental treatments such as Restorative (Dental Restorations, Crowns, Bridges), Prosthetic (Dentures), Endodontic (Root Canal) therapy, periodontal (gum) therapy, and exodontias (extraction of teeth), Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar, Tri Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Model Town & Shalimar Bagh.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Most Important Reasons Why You Need to Visit Dentist in Ashok Vihar

Many people spent several years without going to the dentist. The main reason behind this avoidance is the fear of dental treatment. This later on leads to several risks that cause more pain and discomfort. Visiting dentist in Ashok Vihar every six months will help you in maintaining a beautiful smile. Good oral health also provides complete peace of mind. Here are some important reasons why you should go for regular dental checkups. 


·  Detection of oral cancer – It is a serious disease and does not show any symptoms at an early stage. This usually progress at a rapid rate and if left untreated results into a life threatening problem. Regular checkups help in prevention of this cancer.

· Plaque, tartar and cavities – Even if we do regular brushing there are some portion in the mouth that is missed. This results in formation of plaque which in turn results in cavities. 

·  Gum diseases – Plaque not only causes tooth decay it also results in damaging the gum tissues. It can cause irritation, swelling and bleeding in gums. It can be treated by deep cleaning, medications and sometimes requires surgery if the condition is more serious.

·  Keeping a check on bad habits – In general we have some bad habits that cause problems in teeth. Regular dental checkup will help you in avoiding such habits and will fix the damage if already done.

· Find Problems Under the Surface With X-Rays – A crucial part of these visits is that you can have X- ray done. This will assist the dentist to know correct the situations. It helps in diagnosing the bone decay, selling, cysts or tumors if any.
· Head, Neck, and Lymph Node Checks – Ina addition to checking of teeth and gums dentist at dental clinic in Ashok Vihar also check the neck, jaw and lymph nodes for any swelling or abnormalities. If they see any kind of problem they refer the patients to concerned specialist.
Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar is not only concerned with fixing teeth. He make sure that your bones are stronger so that you do not suffer from any kind of oral issues.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Get effective Root Canal Treatment with Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar

People are often scared and suffer from anxiety when they have any dental problems. Teeth are important for chewing, biting, tearing and ripping food items. If some problems occurs than it will be a reason for serious pain that is unbearable. Best dentist in Ashok Vihar provides best treatment for different types of dental problems. 


Root canal treatment in Ashok Vihar is one such procedure that is carried out to fix the tooth. This is carried out by removing a pulp chamber and filling it with filling material. This procedure is carried out only when the decay has reached to the nerve and the whole tooth has become infected. It is second option to prevent extraction of tooth. An untreated pulp inflammation might lead to severe pain. If the pulp tissue inside the root canal gets infected thereby affecting the blood/nerve supply it becomes extremely necessary to undergo this treatment at Dental Solutions: dental clinic in Ashok Vihar.

Some common signs that shows you are in need to undergo root canal treatment –
  • Swelling and tenderness in lymph nodes, bones and tissue.
  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tenderness to chewing and touching.
  • Discoloration of tooth
The purpose of this treatment is to relieve tooth pain that is caused by inflammation. During the procedure a local anesthesia is given and the patients hardly feel pain. With the advancement in medical field and tools that are involved in this procedure it has become easier to carry out this process. Because of the nature of treatment it can sometimes be a lengthy procedure. As the treatment involves removing the nerve endings some patients may experience moderate pain for a day or two after the procedure.

If you suffer from such problem, you must consult a dentist to get your problem diagnosed to get proper treatment. Dentist in Ashok Vihar will ease some of your anxiety during the treatment. The quality care provided by them makes the process safe and it shows positive results.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Dentist in Ashok Vihar can Help You Enhance Your Smiling Curve

People want to have an attractive beautiful smile but fail to put any efforts for oral care. It might be a surprising for you that how Dentist in Ashok Vihar can improve and transform your smile into a perfect curve of an attractive smile. Generally, the tendency of people is to delay visiting a dentist as they don’t consider oral health as a priority to be consulted. Thus, the oral health behaves as a gateway of other diseases to travel in your body such as causing diabetes, heart diseases, and lung infections. 


Treatments offered by Best Dentist in Ashok Vihar:

Dental Bone grafting- A dental bone grafting is a procedure which is used to fix the dental bones or joints through a dental surgery. By going for a surgery at the right time, the surrounding bone or tissues can be protected from getting damaged.

Crown and bridge-Cavity is being a very common dental problem. A hollow or missing tooth can cause bad eating.  And thus, a crowning technique is used to cover or put a cap on the decayed tooth after eliminating the cavity from the tooth. Whereas a dental bridge is recommended in case of missing teeth. The gap of missing teeth is filled by placing a virtual tooth by taking the support of the surrounding teeth. Porcelain or ceramic crowning and bridging matches to the natural color of your teeth. You can also choose gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic materials for filling the space between the teeth.

Fiber Splinting of shaking teeth- Having untreated gum disease is the root for having loose or shaking teeth which cause pain when a patient eat or chew the food. Gum disease can be caused due to lost gum tissues which need to be treated. With fiber splinting dental treatment, teeth are joined through a thin fiber providing stability to the shaking teeth. This treatment is generally used for front teeth.

Dental Tooth jewelry- Tooth jewelry is nowadays getting much trending than ever before. Dentist in Ashok Vihar offers a painless procedure for fixing tooth jewelry without damaging the tooth tissues. The procedure does not have any side effect on the oral health of the patient.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Get Rid Of Tooth Pain by Visiting Best Dentist in Shalimar Bagh

If you are feeling embarrassing with your missing teeth then visit a dental implant in Shalimar Bhagh. The dental implant is the best method to get rid of missing teeth. It is the artificial substitution of natural teeth but it looks same like natural teeth. When the teeth are lost or have been removed due to infection then most of the people prefer dental implant method. This method can be able to replace one or more teeth. Dentist in Shalimar Bagh offer complete dental implant of your teeth at our own cost.


According to the dentist in Ashok Vihar, nearly seventy percent of the people of adulated age 40 to 45 have missing teeth due to accidents, tooth decay, gum diseases or dental fractures. Most people are very concern about the cost of dental implant because it is little bit expansive as compare to other treatment such as bridges and dentures. Many people do not the cost of dental implant the best way to find out would be take an appointment to the dentist or if you are not able to take an appointment then submit your details get response via email. Best dentist in Ashok Vihar, Shalimar Bagh, use advance dental implant procedure. The advance process can be treated; depending on the oral health of patient.
Taking care of your teeth is very important after dental implant surgery otherwise it impact bad effect on the teeth. Dental implant is cared as same as natural teeth like brushing, flossing etc. However, before undergoing any dentistry treatment, an individual should know first the risks and advantages in addition to what to expect during and after the procedure. It is also important to know the credibility of your dentist to perform cosmetic dentistry treatment, how much the procedure will cost, and if there are any special maintenance required after the treatment. With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last for 20 years or more without the need for replacement. Dental implants in Shalimar Bagh are often a popular choice for people who have only one or two teeth missing, but they can be an alternative to dentures if you have several missing teeth.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Approaching Expert Dentist To Get Appropriate Teeth Solution

Dental wellbeing is among a standout amongst the most key medicinal services regimens that ought to be kept up with most extreme consideration. When you deal with your dental wellbeing, you keep your mouth protected as well as deal with your whole body as both are all around related. You get your sustenance from your nourishment which is essentially prepared in your mouth and terrible dental wellbeing will influence this stage thus influencing your entire wellbeing. So it is critical that you pay consistent visits to your dental specialist to guarantee that your dental wellbeing is getting it done.

In the event that you are new in Shakti Nagar or are vigilant for the best dental consideration accessible in the area then you should visit the dentist in Shakti Nagar to complete your dental work. These have a percentage of the best dental specialist who will gladly furnish you with the most ideal dental consideration. The dental facility is very much prepared and ever prepared for patients of all ages. The well disposed conduct and the glow with which the staff of these dental practitioners will welcome you without a doubt make your visit a pleasant one as opposed to something awful.

These dental specialists additionally give all of you conceivable dental consideration techniques that will deal with your whole oral wellbeing. On the off chance that it is your first visit to these specialists, they will gladly precisely note down all you data which will incorporate your therapeutic history and your protection subtle elements in order to give you the most secure and best treatment by the dental practitioner and inside of your reasonable reach. These specialists will perform an examination so they can furnish you with the best proposals as to which treatment will be best for you. While you are looking forward for best dental clinics in Shakti Nagar, you are on right track. Make your visit and get sparkling and solid teeth for long traverse of time.